Italian Venetian Plaster Spatual-Stuhhi

Italian Spatual Stuhhi

Authentic Italian Venetian Plaster

Highly Polished Plaster

Italian Patterned Venetian Plaster Finish

Italian Patterned Plaster Finish

Specialist Finishes

Instinto Venetian Plaster from Italy

Venetian Plaster from Italy

Italian Stucco Veneziano Lucido

Looking for superior Venetian plaster finishes? Then look no further. We offer authentic finishes imported direct from Italy including highly polished plaster. Many other products do not give a highly polished effect. Our finishes results in a superior polished finish. Creating a stunning smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture, our Venetian plaster appears as a highly polished reflective or “mirror” finish. It can give the appearance and feel of real marble without the cost.

Our plaster finishes can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish. These finishes are especially useful on surfaces where marble panels could not be installed easily, and on surfaces that would be too expensive to have carved from real marble such as columns, corbels, and curved walls.

 Our finishes can be tinted, or coloured using natural or synthetic colourants. The ability to tint Venetian plaster is especially helpful when a specific colour of marble is desired, or when a colour that does not exist naturally is wanted.

Ancient Venetian Plaster

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