Amazing Timber Finishes & Effects!

Timber Wood Grain Finishes - Hand Painted Baltic Pine Finish On Floor

WARNING! Apart from stained, French polished or burnished wood, the timber finishes and wood grain finishes you see here are not real wood. They have been meticulously hand painted. Featured above: Hand painted Baltic pine finish on floor.

St Johns Cathedral Doors Wood Graining
Above: St Johns Cathedral Doors Heritage Wood Graining

Below: Parliament House Sydney Wood Graining

Before, During & After Photos

Wood Graining, Graining or Faux (Fake) Bois (French for “fake wood) is often used to imitate exotic or hard-to-find wood. Our finishes include timber effects as well as the staining of timber and burnished wood. Most of our finishes have been wood grained to imitate the look of different timbers including those that are hard to find or extinct.

Heritage Wood Grain Finishes

Hand painted Heritage Satinwood Finish
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