Contemporary Italian & French Finishes

Contemporary Italian French Finishes

Bello Italian Finishes from Italy

♦ Instinto, Smooth Instinto, Cross Hatch Instinto ♦ Venetian Plaster, Marmarino, Florentino ♦ Seagarto, Sgraffito, Stucco, Jusso ♦ Authentic & Modern Renaissance ♦ Pietra Spaccata, Pietra Levigata ♦ Pietra Intagliata, Pietra Vissuta ♦ Broken Wall Effects ♦ Decorative Finishes ♦ Tallow Limewash ♦ Concrete Finish ♦ Ranascita Blue ♦ Frescoes and more.

Contemporary Italian Art & Finishes

Chic French Finishes

Contemporary Chic French Finishes and Art
Red Lips & Blue Eyes Contemporary Art

♦ Authentic & Modern Renaissance ♦ Broken Wall Effects ♦ Decorative Finishes ♦ Tallow Limewash ♦ Lazure Painting ♦ Salle d’eau ♦ Damask

Italian Resin Artwork Finish

More Finishes

Bello Specialist Italian Finishes
More Italian & French Finishes

Contemporary Concrete Finishes
Contemporary Concrete Finishes

All our Italian & French Finishes are applied by hand.

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