Master Decorative Painters

With great skill and creativity, our decorative painters are able to replicate almost any finish you can imagine! We provide a wide range of superior quality paint finishes – from ordinary paint finishes to stylish decorative finishes, we are sure to offer just the right combination to suit your decor. All our finishes are meticulously applied by hand, and can be applied to any decor or setting. Our beautiful range of contemporary and heritage decorative finishes include marbling, wood graining, gilding (ie. gold and silver leaf), Venetian plaster and more.

Professional Decorative Painters & Artisans

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Decorative Painters

Decorative Painters Decorative Finishes

Our Decorative Finishes

Our professional decorative painters quality residential and commercial decorative finishes to style your home or business.

Heritage Decorative Finishes

Quality Heritage Finishes

Traditional and modern heritage decorative finishes and art for all residential houses, homes and commercial buildings.

Faux Finishes

The Best Faux Finishes

Our realistic faux (fake) finishes are hand painted. Our highly skilled artists make them look real. Marble, wood, stone etc.

Contemporary Decorative Finishes

Contemporary Finishes

Our stylish contemporary decorative finishes incl. Instino, cement, venetian plaster, stone, concrete, rust, metal and more.

Decorative Painters

Decorative Finishes for Home & Business

Our professional decorative painters provide top quality contemporary, modern and heritage decorative finishes and designs. They include faux (fake) finishes of Venetian plaster, wallpaper, Italian and French finishes, marbling (hand painted marble), metal and rust finishes, stencils, wood graining (hand painted wood grain), gilding (gold leaf, silver leaf etc.), and so much more.

Beautiful Decorative Finishes by Master Painters

As master decorative painters, we are inspired by the aesthetics of creative painting techniques, dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, with the creation and appreciation of the beauty of authentic decorative finishes.

Decorative finishes encompass a wide range of textures, colors, materials, and finishes. From metallic to specialty plasters to glazes, decorative finishes can set the feeling for an entire project. Lancaster Painters Australia offer a decorative consultation service for all areas of painting and decorating including colour, design and decor. We offer elegant paint finishes that have been reproduced over many years using traditional decorative arts. We work closely with our clients, helping them to style and redecorate their homes and businesses in order to achieve their desired outcome. We are passionate about achieving our best for our customers!

Lancaster Painters Australia are masters in the decorative arts and decorative painting techniques. As professional decorative painters, we provide a top quality service for all house, commercial, heritage and Church painting and decorating. With over 40 years of experience, we have beautified many buildings and houses including government buildings. A high standard of workmanship is achieved as a result of thorough preparation and provision of top quality contemporary and heritage decorative finishes.

Traditional Heritage Finishes

Traditional Heritage Finishes

Professionally trained by English and Scottish masters, Lancaster Painters Australia are highly skilled in replicating the skill of the historical masters of the past and the beauty of their work. We provide traditional painting, decorating and artistic services for all heritage buildings and houses including decorative arts finishes. They include marbling, wood graining, gilding, stencilling, colour wash, decorative ceiling roses and cornices, hand painted wallpaper, furniture finishes, heraldry, sign writing, heritage motifs, verre eglomise, limewash, strie, heritage art, glass art including leadlight, sponging, ragging, dragging, trompe l’oeil and so much more.

Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about preserving our beautiful Australian heritage! Therefore we follow the Burra Charter for all traditional heritage conservation, restoration, reconstruction, painting, decorating, artistic and beautification work.

Contemporary Decorative Finishes

Decorative Contemporary Finishes

Many of our decorative finishes can be applied in a modern or contemporary setting. Add a touch of gold or silver to a contemporary design or introduce a faux (fake) marble, stone or timber finish without the cost! Our extravagant finishes showcase design, wallpaper, furniture finishes incl. Shabby Chic, faux (fake) metal and rust, Venetian plaster, Marmarino, washes, verdigris, stone and marble, wood finishes, gold and silver leaf, chalk paint, Chinoiserie, 2-D and 3-D contemporary art, tallow limewash, stunning glass effects and wax encaustic painting.

And yes there’s more! We offer a unique range of stunning contemporary and heritage style Italian and French finishes. See our contemporary finishes.

Decorative Finishes

Our Range of Decorative Finishes

Our range of decorative finishes is not limited to what you see on this website. All our finishes can be adapted to any setting and customised to your desired finish. Our services include colour and design consultation to work closely with you to help us achieve your desired finish.

Many of the finishes you see on our websites are decorative in nature, art or design. Should you choose the “Your Heritage” button below to see our heritage finishes, you will be redirected to our Heritage Painters website.