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covid-19 safe specialist paintersLancaster Painters Australia offer an extensive range of original specialist finishes for house and home, and commercial businesses. With more than 40 years of experience as specialist painters, decorators and artists, we aim to produce the ultimate finish in your home or business that is uniquely designed to your lifestyle, distinguishing it from the rest. Our exquisite hand crafted designer finishes boast modern and contemporary finishes, specialty finishes, traditional and modern heritage finishes, decorative finishes, furniture finishes and art. In particular, you may be interested in our Italian finishes for walls and other surfaces, Venetian plaster, Porters Paints, metal and rust finishes, concrete and cement finishes.

Along with many commercial and residential projects, our portfolio includes the hanging of Signature Prints wallpaper in the world renowned Emma Hack Gallery.

Specialist Finishes

Star Of Hope Glass Pendant Necklace

Specialist Finishes Star Of Hope Glass Pendant Necklace

Specialist Hand Made Glass Jewellry
Hand Made Specialist Jewellery Glass Art

Hand Made Specialist Jewellery Glass Art

by Specialist Glass Artist Gary Lancaster

Specialist Finishes

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“As specialist painters, Lancaster Painters Australia are continually inspired by the aesthetics of creative painting techniques – dealing with the nature of art, beauty and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty for beautiful specialist finishes.”

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